CoreSciences: The Perfect Online Teaching and Learning Resource for GCSE Science

Given the sudden and dramatic change of circumstances it comes as no surprise that many schools have been less prepared than usual to deal with the situation at hand. With the prospect of little or no summer term and the cancellation of exams everything appears to be up in the air, and without the right resources it can almost be impossible for students to maintain their learning. This is where CoreSciences steps in; a fully interactive and extensive GCSE science platform that allows for remote teaching by teachers and home learning for students, along with detailed monitoring of student progress.

Teachers and parents respectively may find it difficult to engage their students remotely and at home. Certain elements of the curriculum have also become almost impossible to teach, such as required practicals. However, with CoreSciences teachers and parents can rest assured that all the hard organisational work is done for them. The platform includes ALL the required practicals via interactive lab simulations across all three sciences, which are highly engaging and fully immersive. In addition, all associated theory work and advanced testing and analysis are also included. There are also games and other activities to keep them both challenged and entertained, and to banish boredom whilst learning.

The platform caters to GCSE students of all abilities, including SEND students and those with learning difficulties as well as higher tier too. Students can learn at their own pace and redo practicals and tests as many times as required; enabling them to achieve high levels of success. Best of all, teachers and parents are also included with real-time activity notifications of tests and practicals, and the detailed performance analyses shows that students are completing all necessary work (or not).

With CoreSciences, despite the current difficulties many are facing right now, there is no reason why present KS3/KS4 students cannot continue with their learning and fulfil their full potential.

We currently offer three different subscription types for schools, parents and tutors. NHS employed parents are entitled to FREE subscriptions. Contact us to find out more:

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