School Funding Crisis Contributes to an Increase in Classroom Sizes

School Funding Cuts

It comes as no surprise that classroom sizes are increasing and that schools are struggling to cope with the surge. Statistics show that the number of pupils in classes of 31 or more has risen by 30% affecting almost 1 million pupils overall since 2010. Secondary pupils have been affected the most; approximately 21,843 were sitting in classes of 36 or more in 2018-19, a 258% increase since 2010. Unsurprisingly, this has put extra strain on schools and especially teachers who have to deal with an ever increasing workload with little in return.

Due to funding cuts, many schools simply can’t afford to hire a sufficient amount of staff. Therefore, larger classes are inevitable. This is extremely problematic because larger classes make it more difficult for teachers to provide support to pupils on an individual basis. Larger classes are also much harder to manage. As a result, pupils perform less well, teachers are stressed out and parents become more concerned.

Besides adequate funding, how can schools cope in the meantime? Here is where CoreSciences steps in. CoreSciences is an online teaching and learning platform for GCSE science that was developed with this particular issue in mind. The platform places particular emphasis on the required practicals via fully interactive lab simulations for all required GCSE practicals. This immediately cuts costs on expensive lab equipment/set-up and reduces the need for intensive 1-to-1 instruction. It also minimises the burden of health and safety issues within large groups.

Fully comprehensive lesson plans are also provided for teachers and it is extremely easy to use; no prior knowledge is required, making it easily usable by non-specialist teachers where schools may struggle to find enough specifically trained staff. Performance analyses, reports and notifications are all features that enable very precise monitoring of students’ progress at class and individual level. Classes can be managed all in one place, regardless of classroom size. Additionally, theory work and games/activities are also provided, making CoreSciences a truly comprehensive and cost-effective platform.

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