Why Some Students Prefer Remote Learning

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With students back at school in the UK this month, many are excited to meet up with their friends and dive back into school activities. Some parents are also happy to have the pressures of homeschooling taken off of their hands. However, some students have settled into the rhythms of remote learning and now feel slightly disrupted upon having to return to school.

Although traditional in-school learning most certainly has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages. Rigid schedules, early morning starts and more required preparation can certainly exemplify why remote learning may at times seem more desirable. Additionally, school bullies, disputes among friends and the pressures to fit into a social circle can also be avoided with homeschooling. However, this is not to suggest that social cohesion and development of social skills amongst young people is not critically important to their personal development.

Social reasons aside, some students have found that online learning has been beneficial for improving their overall educational experience. Some reasons include: being able to learn at their own pace, less distractions, increased focus and feeling less academic pressure in general. It can also instil a sense of responsibility amongst children as they learn to prioritise work for themselves.

Remote Learning can also be particularly helpful for students with learning disabilities. With the ability to work at their own pace, SEND students can feel more confident and less intimidated by the pressures that may arise within a classroom. They can also take breaks when required and then return to learning at a time that suits them. Some have found that their grades have improved since using homeschooling methods.

With education gradually returning to normal, it may be worth noting how the advantages of online learning can be utilised within the classroom for the future. The flexibility of a blended learning model is not only helpful for students but teachers too. Fully comprehensive platforms such as CoreSciences are the perfect way to transition between remote learning and in-school learning. Lessons can seamlessly be switched from home to classroom and vice versa with little to no disruption, making education easier for everyone.

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