Teachers Pressured by Lockdown Parents

Teachers stressed with parents during lockdown

A report has revealed that 1 in 4 private school teachers felt stressed by remote learning, due to parental pressure, during the lockdowns. Undoubtedly, the parent-teacher boundaries became blurred during the remote learning period, with some parents taking a more active approach to their child’s learning, much to the dismay of some teachers. Many felt that they were being scrutinised which made their work difficult to manage.

Whilst homeschooling has provided parents with more insight into their child’s education, as Christopher King, chief executive of IAPS (The Independent Association of Prep Schools) notes: “there have been opportunities for those parents who have chosen to go beyond the normal boundaries and have a level of access to the classroom teacher and to make judgements on the classroom teachers – whatever their prejudices might be – that quite a lot of staff have found intrusive and difficult to manage.” Parents do not always understand the context of the virtual lessons being conducted and are too quick to make judgements.

As a result of the increased scrutiny, teachers felt that their mental health had declined. Many were also concerned of the wellbeing of their students. This is where CoreSciences intervenes. CoreSciences is an online GCSE science teaching and learning platform that specialises in the required practicals via lab simulation. Additionally, theory work, test, games and analytics are also provided. Best of all, parents are kept in the loop every step of the way through real-time activity notifications that help to track students’ progress. The collective teacher and parental involvement also reduces pressure on teachers having to relay information back to parents, as they have full access to their child’s performance. Therefore, parents can rest assured that their child is getting the best out of their education.

Subscriptions for teachers, tutors and parents start from only £15 a month.

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