One in 12 Teachers Absent Due to Covid

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According to the latest data, one in 12 teachers were said to be absent from schools in England during the first week of term. As a consequence, numerous schools have been unable to find temporary staff to cover the absences. Furthermore,8.9% of teaching assistants and other staff were absent in all state schools, and 3.9% of students have been absent due to Covid-related incidents. As a result, due to high demand, ex-teachers have been asked to return to classrooms and help out by the government.

However, what if there was an alternative solution to this dilemma? And what if teachers and students could continue to work despite Covid-related absences? With CoreSciences there is a solution. As an online learning platform CoreSciences can be used anywhere you have an internet connection, which, let’s face it, is almost everywhere nowadays. Therefore, both teachers and students can continue with their lessons in the comfort of their own homes or anywhere else outside of school. All required practicals are performed via lab simulation, meaning no physical lab or lab equipment is required in order to conduct an experiment. Additionally, all theory work, tests, games and analytics are included and accessed completely online. Furthermore, our intelligent performance analysis system helps teachers and parents keep track of student progress, regardless of school absence, to ensure that each student is continuing to reach their targets.

Not only is CoreSciences a great tool to use remotely, it’s also great for less experienced teachers or supply teachers to use, making it particularly helpful when facing teacher shortages. The platform has been designed by teachers for teachers, so all the ready-made lessons plans are easy to deliver without pre-planning. Just simply sign up and follow our easy to use modules and step by step experiments.

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