Ofsted Warns of Insufficient SEND Support

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After a new study reviewing the experiences of 21 SEND pupils in mainstream primary and secondary schools, Ofsted claims that some of these pupils are not receiving sufficient support. Many of the schools and families that took part in the research had experienced long waiting times and high levels of bureaucracy in the Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) process. Furthermore, some families have even had to pay for additional support themselves.

Due to the pandemic, many SEND students have found it difficult to engage with remote education. Therefore, it is essential for these pupils to receive appropriate support. This requires a good understanding of these students’ individual needs as well as a strong relationship between families and schools.

Some of the main reasons for insufficient education standards include:

  • Gaps in teacher and staff understanding of SEND pupils.
  • Over-reliance on the use of Teaching Assistants (TAs).
  • Social exclusion.
  • Schools teaching a curriculum that is unable to meet students’ needs.
  • Parents and carers not given enough information about their child’s learning and development.
  • Teachers do not have enough time to fully support SEND pupils.
  • Underfunding and inadequate government support.

On the other hand, online learning platforms such as CoreSciences are perfect for supporting SEND pupils and teachers. The platform is easy to use and enables students with special needs to learn GCSE Science at their own pace. Lessons can be performed as many times as required until knowledge is consolidated. Parents and teachers can also keep track of their progress and are notified when any tests and experiments are carried out, saving time and effort through automation. CoreSciences can also be used in the classroom and by students at home, ensuring that social exclusion does not have to compromise ongoing learning.

Overall, easy to use online learning platforms may be a solution to the educational disparity amongst SEND students within schools. Both SEND and non-SEND pupils can benefit from the extra support that online learning provides. Overworked teachers and parents can also rest assured that their children are getting their educational needs met but with less reliance upon their constant guidance.

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