How We Support SEND Students

According to recent news headlines there is a current crisis when it comes to supporting special educational needs students. Services for SEND students and children with disabilities are in turmoil with families experiencing delays of up to 90 weeks. Subsequently, the number of complaints from frustrated parents has gone up by 45% over a two year period to 2019. Councils are struggling after years of austerity cuts, and as a result, children with special needs are missing out on their education and parents are left to pick up the pieces.

At CoreSciences we try our best to cater to as many students as possible from a whole range of backgrounds and abilities; no child should be excluded. Our GCSE science platform is fun, fully interactive and easy to use. Unlike with traditional practical experiments, the platform eliminates any potential dangers that you may come across with an actual experiment, as all experiments are carried out via virtual lab simulation. Furthermore, this allows students to redo experiments as many times as desired, at their own pace, with no added pressure. Best of all they can practise in the comfort of their own home with no distractions.

Parents are also kept in the loop with real-time activity notifications so that they can see how their child is progressing and how they can further support them. Additionally, educational games and activities are included in order to keep them entertained as well as consolidate their learning.

Why not take a look at our demonstration video to see how the platform works?

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