How Parents Can Benefit from CoreSciences

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It comes as no surprise that the exam period can often be one of the most stressful times for both students and parents, and unfortunately parents often feel powerless when it comes to assisting their child through the process. CoreSciences was designed bearing all of this in mind.

CoreSciences is a unique, interactive online learning platform that empowers both students and parents. The platform places particular emphasis on the required practicals, which are some of the most challenging components for students to succeed in. Lessons are delivered via lab simulation where students are given unlimited opportunities to try again until they achieve their goals, unlike with physical practical experiments that have limitations. The platform is also particularly beneficial for students with learning difficulties or those with restricted access to learning facilities such as SEND students and homeschoolers. 

So how exactly does CoreSciences include parents? Parents are sent real-time activity notifications that inform them of their child’s performance. Parental notifications provide information on when tests are undertaken and completed, what topics were covered and how well the student performed. Therefore, parents are always kept in the loop so that they can see how much work their child is doing and whether they are reaching their goals. Students’ performances in tests and practicals are also analysed, and strengths and weaknesses are identified which can be monitored by both parents and students. Interventions are automatically tailored to a student’s weaknesses, providing reminders to indicate what students need to focus on most. 

Get the most out of your child’s education by subscribing to CoreSciences today.

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