How CoreSciences Can Assist with Teacher Shortages

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Statistics have shown that average classroom sizes in secondary schools have continued to rise for the fourth year in a row and are expected to continue to rise until 2025. Meanwhile, 10% of all secondary teachers left teaching last year and many continue to do so as government cuts and increasing workloads are driving teachers out of schools.

Furthermore, a survey of 885 schools by the Association of School and College Leaders has revealed that 73% had to put teachers not trained in the subject they were teaching in front of classes, while 84% said that teacher shortages were having a detrimental effect on the education they were providing. The subjects that have been most affected are maths (78%), science (75%) and English (57%).

These results are clearly troubling and there appears to be no immediate solution, which means that future generations of children will continue to be let down. This is where CoreSciences can help. 

This online GCSE Science platform was designed to:

  • Help teachers deliver effective science lessons without requiring any lesson preparation time.
  • Help supply teachers deliver classes that may not be their speciality.
  • Help engage students interactively in practical work safely and cost effectively.
  • Monitor students’ performance and help improve their grades, whilst remaining very simple to use for both teacher and student.

With CoreSciences no specialist knowledge is required in order to deliver a lesson. All materials and lesson plans are provided which means that non-specialist teachers can feel confident that their students are learning what they need to know.

CoreSciences is unique in that it places an emphasis upon the required practicals via fully interactive lab simulations, backed up with theory and test modules for revision. These are often the most daunting parts of a science lesson and are often costly and time-consuming, especially for non-specialist teachers. However, with this platform teachers can rest assured that their students are gaining a thorough understanding of how to conduct a practical experiment. Practicals can be carried out as many times as required without the need for physical equipment and no mess, accidents, health and safety issues, or the overhead of setting up and breaking down apparatus.

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