Deaf Pupils Disadvantaged in Mainstream Schools

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New research shockingly reveals that 40 out of 150 councils now have no specialist teaching units for deaf pupils, due to closures. Furthermore, the research shown by an interactive map by the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS), shows that nearly one in 10 units have closed in the past five years, with just 237 now remaining. As a result, deaf pupils are now at a serious disadvantage.

According to the NDCS, having specialist units for deaf pupils are an important option for parents when deciding where to send their children to school. This is because they enable deaf pupils to learn alongside their peers with additional support in a mainstream setting; this can include one-to-one teaching, help from specialist teachers and help with technology, such as hearing aids.

It is estimated that there are 45,000 deaf pupils in England overall. However, the interactive map provided by the NDCS reveals that are clear regional disparities across the country, where some regions have no specialist units at all. The map also highlights issues regarding a lack of specialist teachers who cater to deaf pupils in several areas. Many feel that support of deaf pupils is down to a “postcode lottery” and that more help should be provided to these pupils by schools and local authorities.

This is where online learning platforms such as CoreSciences may offer a solution. CoreSciences caters to SEND pupils through an easy to use, step by step interface, so that pupils can learn at a pace that suits them. The platform includes all required practicals via lab simulation as well as theory work, tests and games to keep them entertained. Best of all, the platform can be used in school or at home, so pupils don’t need to feel excluded from the rest of their class. Additionally, no further knowledge is required, so non-specialist teachers or parents can easily support them, regardless of ability.

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